Abstract: Cloud computing, a recent computing technology is preferred by most of the users to store their data. Large amount of data can be stored in cloud. It is possible to access data stored in cloud by any third party. Providing security to the data stored in cloud is the prime concern. Data stored in cloud may contain personal notes, account information, password. To overcome the problem self-destruction method is proposed. All the data and their copies become self-destructed after user specified time period. Shamir secret sharing algorithm is used which generate key shares. Self-Destruction mechanism is conjoined with time-to-live field to specify the life time of the keys. After user specified time period key should be destructed or become unreadable. Any legitimate user can download file till the timeout. The file should be encrypted before upload and decrypted before download. Self-destruction mechanism indicates that it is practical to use and meet all preserving goals. Self-destruction mechanism reduces the time taken to upload and download file as compared to native system.

Keywords: Cloud computing, self-destruction, Active Storage Object, Time to live (ttl), data privacy.