Abstract: In this era of modern technology where everyone is rely on the latest technical specifications specially concerning with the latest mobiles and apps. Keeping this in mind the various software company’s has launched their own Operating System for mobile, and in the same field Google also launched their own mobile Operating System Android which has its own technicality and specification which is competing with the other companies Operating System. After using the Android in mobile people came to know that some problems has been faced by the android user and the problem is not hardware related but in fact it is the major flaw of the Android OS which is consider as the fake ID problem. This flaw allow hacker to impersonate the trusted application and potentially hijack the users mobile phone and extract all the critical data from the mobile and the result would be catastrophic. Various solution have been proposed by the researchers around the globe to overcome this problem. Here I am providing a specific method to overcome this critical flaw of android Operating System.

Keywords: APK, Android Apps, Certifying Authority, MinSDK, MaxSDK, TargetSDK, X.509, PKI, IPsec, TLS, PKIX, ASN.1, Malware, Spyware, Risk ware, Trojan, Jelly Beans, Kit Kat, Defense In Depth.