Abstract: Data mining is the process of knowledge discovery in databases. It is the art and science of intelligent analysis of existing large data sets, for finding meaning and previously unknown insights and transforms it into a flexible structure. With the help of Database and data mining we can extract meaningful data sets from huge data. When we apply data mining techniques on huge datasets results of improved quality are achieved. In data mining algorithms, association rule mining finds an important place; it is an easy and popular method to find out association rules from an existing large datasets. In general frequent itemsets are generated from large data sets by applying association rule mining this task takes a lot of computer time to compute all the frequent itemsets. In this paper, the main area of concentration was to optimize the rules that are generated by an Association Rule Mining algorithm (Eclat) by using a Genetic Algorithm. Here we generate more accurate and complete rules. The advantage of using genetic algorithm is to discover high level prediction rules.

Keywords: Eclat, Genetic Algorithm, Association Rule, Data Mining.