Abstract: WiMax means Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. It is the wireless technology and enhancement of 802.16 standards. WiMax has many salient advantages suchas: high data rates, quality of service, scalability, security, and mobility. Many sophisticated authentication and encryption techniques have been embedded into WiMAX but it still exposes to various attacks. In WiMax, security is the major issue for transmission of data from end to end. We discuss the WiMax security mechanisms for authentication, encryption, and availability. Security protocols are essential for secure transmission of data. Throughput and Packet delivery ratio (PDR) can be increased by using security protocols like AES and RSA. In this report, we study the comparative results of different security protocols in terms of Throughput and PDR by applying encryption schemes of RSA and AES.

Keywords: WiMax, Cryptographic Techniques, Packet delivery ratio (PDR), AES, RSA.