Abstract: Health monitoring is one of the emerging areas for computing technologies. Health monitoring via mobile is using the application of mobile computing technologies for amending communication between doctors and patients. As mobile devices have efficaciously become part of our life it can incorporate health care more seamlessly to our everyday life. There have been many recent advances in sensor technologies which enable us to integrate low- power, low-cost devices with emerging intelligent health monitoring systems.. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) have attracted much attention in recent years. The applications of Wireless Sensor Network are immense. Applications of Wireless sensor network in healthcare leads to an area called Body Area Network (BAN) or Body sensor Networks. Here we are building a wireless sensor network for health monitoring in hospitals with the use of mobile application. So in the proposed system a central server will be able to read patientís incoming data from the sensors and send it to the mobile application and it will also send alert SMS in case of emergency.

Keywords: Health monitoring, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Body Area Network (BAN), Mobile application.