Abstract: Robots are smart machines that can be programmed and used in many areas such as industry, manufacturing, production lines, or health, etc. Today human-machine interaction is moving away from mouse and pen and is becoming pervasive and much more compatible with the physical world. With each new day the gap between machines and humans is being bridged with the introduction of new technologies to ease the standard of living. As the Smartphone era has evolved with innovative android based applications, engineers are improvising them to improve robotic vehicles which diminish the aforesaid abyss. In this paper we have developed a three way control for the robotic vehicle in which we have used Bluetooth communication to interface the microcontroller and the inbuilt sensors in the android Smartphone. According to commands received from android phone, the kinematics of the robot is controlled. The developed robotic vehicle can be used for numerous applications in the future especially in the field of surveillance and security.

Keywords: Robotic Vehicle, Android Smartphone, Bluetooth, Three ways controlled.