Abstract: Symmetric key encryption is not given much importance when it comes to cryptography. Substitution ciphers have been used since a long time. Caesar Cipher is a basic substitution cipher that forms the basis of ROT13 and Vigenere cipher. It is the basic symmetric key cryptographic technique with a very simple implementation. However, there arose vulnerabilities to this technique, as the key was just a number and predicting that number was not difficult at all. Keeping this in mind, the goal of our research was to develop a symmetric encryption technique that encrypts the data in a fashion similar to Caesar Cipher and provides a minimal probability of guessing the key and allowing multiple levels of encryption, thus, harboring more security. Here we offer a multiple character keyset that would enhance the number of possible keys and which would in turn reduce the chances of guessing it.

Keywords: Ribbons, Referral Ribbon, Substitution Cipher, Symmetric, Encryption.