Abstract: Image fusion is the process that fuses the information from multiple images of the same size. The image fusion results generate new images that contain the contents and most desirable information and characteristics of each input image. The main application of image fusion is merging the gray-level high-resolution panchromatic image and the colored low-resolution multispectral image. The image fusion methods perform well spatially but usually introduce spectral distortion. . Which means that the variation of hue before and after the fusion process has appeared? There is color distortion when the fusion is appeared in the color images. There is human visualization and objective evaluation criteria related problems when the fusion of two images occurred. The Hue, Saturation and the Intensity of the color images effected due to fusion. To overcome the problem of color distortion image fusion is implemented. The image fusion is to generating a new image that enjoys the high-spatial resolution of images and the color information of the Multispectral images. To reduce the color distortion of the images without destroying any factor of the images like Hue, Saturation and Intensity and implement the DWT technique of Image Fusion. To implement the image fusion Multilevel DWT technique is implemented. In this research work DWT is combined with PCA and different parameters like PSNR,MSE,AD,AME etc.

Keywords: PSNR, DWT, MSE, PCA, image fusion etc.