Abstract: Recommendation System is used to recommending to the user. The objective of recommender to assist users to find out items which they would be interested in. However, current ways suffering from such issues as information poorness, recommendation quality, and big error in predictions. The paper tends to take ideas of object normality from psychology and gives a unique Typicality-based Collaborative filtering recommended technique named TyCo. A defining feature of normality-based Collaborative filtering is that it finds “neighbors” of users supported user typicality grouped in user teams. E-commerce market is growing rapidly in last 5 years. The ever increasing quality of online searching, Debit or MasterCard fraud and private data security area unit major issues for patrons, merchants and banks especially within the case of situation where Card Not Present. The paper gives an idea about the shopping recommendation with filtering methods and online payment gateway system using steganography.

Keywords: Steganography, Online shopping, E-Commerce, Encryption.