Abstract: In our country there are various problems regarding food, clear water, financial, sanitation, natural, man-made, transportation, hi-tech web, technical, etc but majorly they all are directly and indirectly connected to one factor health and it is a problem for both rural and urban people. But rural people suffer more as they have lack of facilities, knowledge and financial support. Even if rural people have facilities they are unable to take the advantage of it, the reason could be their unwillingness to get it. Rural people generally dedicated to their work and working hours are long for the good wages as they get daily basis like labors. In that scene they get addicted to strong tobacco and smoking which give they short release through the pain, that's why they frequently smoke or eat tobacco after short duration. So we had provided an algorithm approach for comparing lung cancer caused by smoking diseases by different medical modality for rural health using image processing with the help of MATLAB and Simulink Modelling so that we can provide best of the solutions to rural community.

Keywords: MATLAB, Lung Cancer, Simulink Modelling, Medical Modality.