Abstract: In this paper we present the popularity of location based query services leads to serious concerns on user privacy. The main aim to protect userís database of location data and query privacy issues. The master of the location information that's, the location server, will not desire to purely send out it's information to all or any people. The location server really wants to possess some handle over its information, considering that the information is actually its asset. We suggest a foremost enhancement providing AES Algorithm security on user security and server security for previous solutions by introducing, the 2 phase method, where the initial step is dependent on oblivious Transfer and the next step is dependent on private information Retrieval, to obtain any risk-free solution intended for the two parties. The solution many of us existing is actually successful and functional in most situations. We implement this solution on mobile devices and desktops. We also implement the Security Model and analyse the security in the context of our protocol, finally we provide the privacy.

Keywords: Location based query, location server, private information retrieval, oblivious transfer.