Abstract: In today’s words displaying message and advertisement is an important part of communication as well as advertisement so here I am trying to display message with smart phone or in form of message. Here the message which is displayed on LCD screen is much authenticated. In this I am using two different technology, GSM and Bluetooth technology for displaying message on LCD screen. Here the main part is Microcontroller 8051 . The microcontroller is interfaced with GSM Modem via MAX232 level convertor. It is used to convert RS232 voltage levels to TTL voltage levels and vice versa. The hardware also has a 64K EEPROM chip AT24C64. This EEPROM is used to store the timings and messages to be displayed.

Keywords: Microcontroller, Bluetooth, Buzzer, LCD screen, Power Supply, Rectifier, message centre,64K EEPROM,MAX232.