Abstract: Wireless network is a self-organized and distributed controlled network. The ad-hoc network is a decentralized wireless network because it does not depend on a pre-existing infrastructure or wireless network. Sybil attack which is commonly called as Pseudo-spoofing in early 2002. The attack is harmful against wireless ad hoc network, in which the node claims multiple identities to gain unfair influences. The Sybil countermeasures deals with various methodology to Prevention, detection, Recovery of Sybil nodes. RSSI is detection technique which is used in IEEE 802.11 standards without using any trusted sources. RSSI observation is made practical in commodity devices to defense against Sybil attackers in network without any trust devices. The survey on 10 studies is concentrated in this area published during 2005-2014. We summarize our observation with common pitfall among the survey work.

Keywords: Sybil attack, RSSI, IEEE 802.11, Trusted Sources.