Abstract: In many places in India because of variations in terrain, water logging takes place. In urban areas, this preventing the smooth flow of traffic, till now there does not subsist, any automatic drainage system which can clear the standing water. Many a time resident has to resort to opening the manhole cover for the water to drain. This is a hazardous situation because people and belongings can unknowingly be washed into the manhole. To alleviate this problem we propose the design of a suction pump man hole. This manhole is covered by a rolling shutter. In the event of a heavy rain the rolling shutter can be operated by a wireless remote. The opening of the rolling shutter exposes a wired metallic mesh preventing the suction of useful materials into the manhole. It has been seen that even when the manhole is open, the rate at which the water is sucked into the drain is limited. This blocks the traffic and purposeful utilization of community resources till the water effectively drains away on its own. To accelerate the draining processes we propose to employ a suction pump. The rolling shutter, the wireless mechanism so associated and the suction pump are all controlled with the help of a microcontroller board. There is a need to provide a separate battery backup mechanism so that the system is operational even during power failure.

Keywords: rolling shutter,suction pump,manholes;