Abstract: The security of data is a critical factor for solving the problem of stealing, modifying and distributing the intellectual properties in an unauthorized way. Steganography can resolve this issue. Steganography is the science of hiding communication in which secret data or message is embedded into a host signal such as video, image and audio. In this paper, we have improved modified algorithm which is based on LSB technique. This improved modified technique has increased the embedding capacity and quality of stego image as compared to the DCT and DWT technique. The simulation results of improved modified algorithms are compared with DCT and DWT which gives us high PSNR value and low MSE values. Thus, it is clear that in proposed algorithm we can embed large images and use one time random password for security purpose. To measure the quality of stegoimage we use parameters such as PSNR, MSE, SSIM, and Correlation.

Keywords: Steganography, Improved Modified Kekre’s algorithm, PSNR, SSIM, MSE, One Time Random Password.