Abstract: Steganography is the art of science dealing with the hiding of secret data inside an image, audio, video or text files. One of the foremost differences between the steganography and cryptography is that even as we using cryptography technique we canít spot the original data but we discern that data are hiding as encrypted format. But despite the fact that we are using steganography we canít sense the charisma of secret data. Hence it is healthier to use steganographic approach to hide data in hybrid cloud to guarantee the security. In our paper it is about how to develop the security of data in the hybrid cloud. A hybrid cloud consists in cooperation of public and private data. Here the public data can be honestly accessed by the normal users devoid of any corroboration. But in the turn of a private data, it is obscured using an audio file. This private data can only evident to the owner and the personage whom the owner wishes to share the data. Hybrid cloud furthermore consist a section called OTP generator which engender one time password. While the owner tries to retrieve the data then a password is send to him. After the verification he can disengage the secret data in a private browser. So when hackers try to attack the cloud or private data he will be able to see simply the audio file. He canít be aware of the presence of data. This approach is mainly based on the property of HAS.

Keywords: Steganography, OTP generator, Hybrid cloud, HAS.