Abstract: An enormous amount of composite and permeate digital data, frequently figured as big data has been multiplied at a exponential rate with the promotion in technology. To stem the big data with the typical storage systems are not possible and canvassing the big data by using the traditional study tools has become a dispute to the analyzers The apportion of the big data to the cloud-lets or hosts is carried out by cloud computing .cloud computing dissolves the trouble of handling, storing and inspecting big data. Even though cloud computing is the logical solution for the problem of big data interpretation and storage, there shows a immense liability to the security of big data storage in cloud computing, demands more consideration. Major concern in storing big data in cloud environment is data privacy. Intrusion based on data-mining is the major obstacle which is needed to be encountered very seriously. This paper recommends a inviolable data mining way such as k means algorithm and also describes a secure and efficient encryption technique AES. Upon these encrypted data homomorphic computations are performed by following paillier cryptosystem. This looks forward for an inviolable system as there is a chance for the intruderís attempt for becoming failed.

Keywords: Cloud computing, K-means, AES, homomorphic encryption.