Abstract: Budget Pre-Owned Cars is built with a vision that there has to be a better way to buy and sell a pre-owned car, A memorable one every customer leaves with. This includes: 1. Better selection of high quality of cars. 2. Low prices and after sales services. 3. A stress free experience. 4. No-obligation deal of purchase or sale. 5. No-pressure customer service. And therefore we intend to make analytics for the following ideas: 1. Price prediction 2. Sales Prediction 3. Customer parameters 4. Payment support 5. Customer segmentation 6. Future services. Data analytics will help in separating useful information from the useless data. Also, it can save the company time and minimize error rates, hence improved accuracy and quality. These insights will hence further help in modifying the products according to the market needs. These predictions are based on the historical data; hence die rent techniques will be used including data mining for the same. The predictions are then evaluated and compared to and the one with best performance.

Keywords: Data mining, Data analytics, Prediction, Information filtering, commercial services.