Abstract: A mobile ad-hoc network is a cluster of communication nodes which are capable of communicating among each other in the absence of a backbone. Due to increase in the use of wireless communication, minimizing the hindrances in wireless networks is becoming a high priority objective. Mobile ad-hoc wireless networks are vulnerable to wormhole and blackhole attacks. These attacks affect directly the performance of network. Prevention of such attacks on network is a challenging task. These attacks can result in a significant collapse of the wireless communication networks. In this paper, a novel method (LTAWB) based on LTA multipath routing is proposed, which filters the packets of wormhole and blackhole attacks, for reliable communication in MANETs. In the proposed method, LTA is used to identify the order of event and to make synchronization of time clock in network device that reduces the complexity. The simulated results of the proposed algorithm are compared with that of fuzzy logic based secured MANET transmission against wormhole and blackhole attacks (SMTWB)[7]. It is observed that the proposed LTAWB shows better performance as compared to SMTWB [7], in terms of throughput, end-to-end delay and packet delivery ratio.

Keywords: MANET, Wormhole, Blackhole, Lamport Timestamp Algorithm (LTA), AODV routing protocol, NS2 Simulator, Multipath routing, Security attacks.