Abstract: Wellbeing Monitoring is more than once specified as one of the fundamental application regions for Artificial Intelligence. Versatile HealthCare is the reconciliation of portable registering and Health Monitoring. It is the utilization of versatile figuring innovations for enhancing correspondence among patients, doctors, attendants, assistant and other medicinal services specialists. As cell phones have turned into an inspirable piece of our life can incorporate medicinal services more flawlessly to our regular day to day existence. It empowers the conveyance of exact restorative data at whatever time anyplace by method for cell phones. The utilization of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) frameworks can resolve some of the long standing therapeutic wasteful aspects regular in creating nations. This paper exhibits the plan and usage of a proposed outpatient administration framework that empowers effective administration of a patient medicinal detail. We exhibit a framework to make meetings with medicinal professionals by incorporating a proposed Android based versatile application with a chosen open source EMR framework. The possibility of this venture is to give an association with a setup that will be useful to that particular association as well as the patient connected with the association also. The patient will have an application particularly intended for them which will push them to contact with a specialist, collaborate with him.

Keywords: Electronic Medical Record, Mobile HealthCare, Mobile Communication.