Abstract: Ranking of site pages is for showing important web pages to client inquiry it is a one of the essential issue in any web search index tool. Today’s need is to get significant data to client inquiry. Importance of web pages is depending on interest of users. There are two ranking algorithm is utilized to demonstrate the current raking framework. One is page rank and another is BM25 calculation. Reinforcement learning strategy learns from every connection with dynamic environment. In this paper Reinforcement learning (RL) ranking algorithm is proposed. In this learner is specialist who learns through interactopm with dynamic environment and gets reward of an activity performed. Every site page is considered as a state and fundamental point is to discover score of website page. Score of website pages is identified with number of out connections from current website page .Rank scores in RL rank as considered in recursive way. Along these lines we can enhance outcomes with help of RL method in ranking algorithm.

Keywords: Ranking, Search engine, Agent, Value function, Reinforcement Learning, Artificial intelligence.