Abstract: Nowadays, the demand of using renewable energy sources increases due to the rising of energy requirement for everyday life. Among renewable energy sources trends, power generation with PV Systems is one of the most demanding. These solar systems provide clean and sustainable energy. In terms of PV systems, grid-connected systems are more advantageous and useful. In that type PV System, the required energy, firstly, is supplied from battery and secondly, from electric grid in case of lack of solar energy to meet. In the article, it is done the optimum sizing with Pv Sol demo software in order to deal with the energy requirement for houses and cars of average family under climate conditions of the city of Istanbul. The designed system is connected to grid and it is just for meeting the energy need of average family’s house and electric car. The PV generator produces 2996 kWh energy annually. The energy requirement for electric car is 3009 kWh. The system works in performance of 81.6 percent annually.

Keywords: Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, Tesla, optimal PV system.