Abstract: Autonomous robots are those which move freely without explicit human control. Path planning is done for such robots in order to reach the destination in the shortest possible time. Path planning also helps in obstacle avoidance. Here we are using fuzzy logic algorithm, which is widely used in artificial intelligence to make human like decisions. Fuzzy logic gives an output in the form of degrees of truth rather than just true or false. In this paper we are taking an image and converting it into a bmp file. Image consists of different obstacles which is in black colour and the white colour represents the path. A line joining the source and destination will give us the shortest path. Two different pixel values are set as source and destination. Six inputs such as the distance from the obstacle in front, distance at the front left diagonal, distance at front right diagonal, angle between the heading direction of robot and the goal, distance of the robot from the goal and preferred turn are chosen. The fuzzy system provides single output that will be the motion of the robot towards the destination. We make use of MATLAB software for the execution.

Keywords: Path planning, fuzzy logic, artificial intelligence, image map.