Abstract: With the emerging technological innovations, users are looking for automotive system than the manually operated system. As the number of vehicle users increased, the number of accidents and thefts are increasing. Due to a convergence of multiple technologies usage of Internet evolved in the field of networking, which helps objects to be sensed and controlled remotely. Pi based Embedded System for Vehicle Monitoring, tracking and controlling over internet uses mobile or computer device to monitor, track, and control the vehicle. This project is also aimed to monitor the driver activity through the internet from anywhere around the world by the owner of the vehicle. The owner can monitor the different sensors in the vehicle and can also keep track of the vehicle using GPS in the system and can store these datas in the cloud. In case anything goes wrong in the system the owner can get the update and will be able to stop the vehicle by sending a command. This command turns of the motor. until an authentication command is sent by the owner the vehicle cannot restart. The entire activities of the sensors are controlled by the Raspberry Pi which acts as a master controller and Arduino acts as a slave controller.

Keywords: Vehicle Controlling, Monitoring and Tracking, Gmail as Cloud storage.