Abstract: From few recent years online social network have amazing advance and become a factual gateway for many billions of Internet users. the shortage of multi-party privacy handling gives in existing mechanism of Social Media framework that makes users incapable to manage to whom information share or to whom not. Single policy that merges the privacy preferences of multiple users will facilitate to solve the problem of these kinds. To merge multiple users personal privacy preferences that aren't easy task these security preferences might clashes. These approaches have to get clearly how end users would really agree, in order to provide agreeable solution to the conflict. Preferences of just one party risks need to fixed ways in which privacy preferences. To encourage different users’ concessions and agreements, the primary process mechanism that adapts to completely different scenario which is used for the resolution of conflicts for multi-party privacy management in Social Media in order to determine what number of times every approach matched users’ behaviour.

Keywords: Online Social network (OSNs), conflict, multiparty access control (MAC), security model, Conflict resolution.