Abstract: NowadaysLocation Based Advertisement (LBA) has become today’s world’s most personal and directmarketing channel that provides customer more relevant information, personalized message, targeted offer about products and allows marketers to reach a specific target customersby means of digit advertisement. Location-based advertising (LBA) is a new form of advertising that is use to integratemobile advertising with location based services (LBS) to provide location-specific advertisements using real time location of consumer’s devices. With the help of LBA, it is possible to target population at the right place and the right time. By taking benefit of consumer’s real world position, location based advertising delivers relevant ads for products and services required. The application helps the registered shop owners to introduce the shop with available products to a consumer who is in close proximity to make them take those final steps to enter his store and let the consumer know what is around him with map support. The main feature of this application is for helping people who are new to that area .So that they can shop easily in nearby area only. One more additional feature is that one can find person nearby his location whose contact number is saved in contact list.so user can also take help from his friend to find required place.

Keywords: Android, GPS-Location, Friend-Finder.