Abstract: Tremendous popularity of the ecommerce applications increased now days. Numerous amounts of reviews and ratings are available on the sites. Such as comments, reviews description of the local service. This type of information is valuable for the new user who judges the product online to make their decision. Sometimes this information may be having problem to recommend user about product recommendation because of the lack of reviews and rating of particular product. If any product has two rating one 5 and other is 2 they only have two ratings. So while recommending this product just finds average of ratings and show to user. This not provides quality of service of the recommendation. This is not enough to extract public opinions. To provide quality of service to the recommendation have to improve overall evaluation of rating. Find the trust of the user service rating and feature. Extract the overall rating and trust of service by combining the service rating to providing quality of service.

Keywords: Data Mining, Recommendation system, Quality of Service Evaluation, Social Network.m.