Abstract: Data is an important asset for any individual or organization and must be protected from intruders or hackers. The need to hide data from hackers has existed since ancient times, and nowadays, there are developments in digital media, such as audio, video, images, and so on. To secure secret information, different media methods are used and steganography is one. Steganography hides the data under other data without any differentiable changes. Many individual steganography tools can be used to transfer data securely and, in this report, a new tool is proposed that decreases time and effort. Using this tool, we hide the text in images in one place, so there was no need to have access to multiple tools. This proposed tool developed using the least significant bit (LSB) approach. Steganography is a method of hiding secret messages in a cover object while communication takes place between sender and receiver. Security of confidential information has always been a major issue from the past times to the present time. It has always been the interested topic for researchers to develop secure techniques to send data without revealing it to anyone other than the receiver. There for from time to time researchers have developed many techniques to fulfil secure transfer of data and steganography is one of them. In this paper we have proposed a new technique of image steganography i.e. Hash-LSB with RSA algorithm for providing more security to data as well as our data hiding method. The proposed technique uses a hash function to generate a pattern for hiding data bits into LSB of RGB pixel values of the cover image. This technique makes sure that the message has been encrypted before hiding it into a cover image. If in any case the cipher text got revealed from the cover image, the intermediate person other than receiver can't access the message as it is in encrypted form.

Keywords: Cryptography, Steganography, LSB, Hash-LSB, RSA Encryption -Decryption.