Abstract: Web based education systems are very popular nowadays. Organizing and evaluating userís course details along with their proficiency is very important for improving course systems. With an upgrading technology of E-Learning performs a best effect for the student based on the programming language. However, student modeling in many cases deals with uncertainty and it is a difficult process, because the personal skill and ability may vary time to time and person to person. It cannot be exactly said that a learner knows or does not know a particular concept. And also the domain concepts which were previously known by the learner may be completely or partially forgotten. Thus, at present they may be partly known or completely unknown. The teaching process itself changes the status of knowledge of a user. For this problem this paper presents the Weighted Fuzzy intelligence computing for analyzing and helping students about their learning Process and also provides an Adaptive Instruction through E-learning. To accomplish these, the paper introduces a WFIC_KLS (a Weighted Fuzzy Intelligent Computing in Knowledge Learning System), which predicts the relevant course and concepts based on individual proficiency on every concept and suggests best material to improve their skill. The proposed WFIC_KLS helps to find the appropriate tutorial and course link based on individual proficiency. This also effective to guide the learners based on their individual knowledge and interest. The system has successfully implemented using C#.net platform with a real e learning environment. The experiments and results show the impact of the proposed system in e learning guidance system improves the skill of individual users.

Keywords: E-learning system, Data Mining and Survey, Fuzzy Logic, Intelligent Tutoring System, Fuzzy student model, personalization, programming.