Abstract: Electronics is the diverse field of engineering finding applications in almost all areas of human life. One of the most important applications is in biomedical engineering. Recent medical sciences and association claims that the number of the patients suffering from heart diseases increasing day by day. This might be due to changing life style, work load, over tension, competition, lack of exercise etc. So timely monitoring of such a patientís heart activities like heartbeat, ECG is in demand now days. This further increases rush in the hospitals and increases patient expenditure also. This encourage us to design such a system which can monitor patient at his home place continuously or whenever required and all the body parameters could be shared by the doctor at hospital in real time. Whenever any parameter value exceeds normal range then SMS is also sent to the doctor thereafter rapid treatment can be provided to the patient. This project used ARM 7 LPC 2148 development board. Patients body temperature, heart beat and ECG are acquired from body through various sensors, processed it and displayed on LCD as well as on NI LabVIEW through HC 05 Bluetooth module. It is then transmitted to doctors PC using team viewer which provides connectivity in both sides. SIM 900 GSM/GPRS Module is used for sending the SMS. The objective of this project is to design a configuration system which will require optimum power for its operation and should be cost efficient.

Keywords: SIM 900, GSM/GPRS, NI LabVIEW, ECG, LUT.