Abstract: As the use of mobile devices is expanding and affecting various aspects of human life, the number and smartphone users is dramatically increasing. Consequently, the robustness of interaction between smartphone and human is essential for better system performance. By using the speech synthesizer technology for the android, the application presents the modality of text-to-speech responses on android device. In user mobile device they provided Location Based Services for set of services which originate from the geographic location. Using these services it is possible for the users to finding and locate other area, vehicles, and resources and also to provide location- services, in addition to tracking their own location. The request for location can originate by mobile device. When the mobile device is at any particular location it is possible to automatically trigger Location Based Services. These services can also helpful in the user’s mobile device itself in order to satisfy location-based queries like finding areas of interest, checking traffic conditions, finding our friends, or vehicles, resources, machines and emergency requests. In this paper we will discuss how to implement these location based services in Android after giving introduction to Android and its constituents.

Keywords: Language learning, text –to- speech, speech synthesis.