Abstract: Internet services are more necessary part of our daily life. We rely growingly on the ease and flexibility of Internet connected devices to shop, communicate and in general perform tasks that would require our physical presence. While very valuable, Internet transactions can represent user sensitive information. Banking sectorís and personal medical records, system authorization passwords and personal communication records can easily become known to an enemy who can easily compromise any of the devices include in online transactions. Regrettably, In this transaction the userís personal computer seems to be the weakest link. At the same time attacker also use new attacks for identification of userís sensitive information with vulnerabilities that use a small part of code in web pages. Overcome these problems use a novel approach for a filtering technique to finding malicious web pages very effectively and efficiently using supervised machine learning. Also detailed study some other techniques researcher research to analysis and detection of malicious web pages.

Keywords: Malicious web page analysis & classification, download exploits, pronging, web page filtering.