Abstract: In biomedical science so many process have come to cure the malfunction of human body in any manner without any suppression. This enhancement of medical therapy gives the new ray to every issues related to medical such as dialysis, any transplantation in body, asthama, blood issues, etc. In this fastest and growing age of life a new and common disease has come named as osteoarthritis which means a disease which is caused due to lack of fluid in the joints of bones. For this there are a lot of programmed therapy and a lot of medicines are available, but to cure it for long there are some parameters introduced named as processing, segmentation, ray images, etc. All this are needful because we need a good and effective output in short time. So, here in this area the procedure of selection for process for this joint can be done on the basis of that we will conclude which one is effective and best.

Keywords: knee joint, segmentation process, MR images.