Abstract: This paper outlines the nature of computer science research in India. It has been divided into five sections. Section one mainly focuses on the type of institutions in which computer science research is conducted, followed by a glimpse of the students and faculty at the educational institutions. Support available for conducting research in the form of equipment, infrastructure, and publications, is given in section 2 .Section 3 covers the major Industrial labs which have attracted global attention, the funding agencies, lacunas which computer science research suffers from and the reasons for that is also discussed in this section. Section 4 presents type of Computer science research in India, Infrastructure available .Section 5 gives an overview of ICTs and their role in development, particularly in the context of millennium development goals (MDGs). Details select ICTs innovations of India in achieving MDGs. Further, it lists out India’s position in relation to MDGs by highlighting India’s target, current status and steps taken to achieve them .section 6 includes the contribution of software to India’s economic development paying particular attention to the role of the software in the absorption of labour and the development of human capital in the Indian economy.

Keywords: MDG-millenium development goals,ICT,ERNET,NICNET,NMEICT,TRDDC,SPIC, ERNET, TIFR, NAL, BARC.