Abstract: Cloud computing is a key enabling technology for fast wide-area networks and it has more powerful server computers. Cloud operates on a high-performance virtualization. Cloud provides wide range of users like individuals, businesses and governments to provide virtual resources such as CPUs, memory, hard drives, bandwidth, platforms, and applications in an on-demand environment. Every day, the data is growing at a rapid rate in enterprises. To store data, a large number of processing units, hard drives, network infrastructure and other resources are required. Cloud satisfies this entire computational requirement to any enterprises by its infrastructure, but, at the same time, cloud is step-down by some of the security related issues. Maintaining confidentiality of data in the cloud is the most important security issue. This paper describes the cloud computing architecture, data management in cloud environment and data confidentiality issue in cloud. Cloud has many issues among that security is the top most issue. This paper opens the confidentiality problem in cloud data storage and also helps the researcher to kick start their research to address data confidentiality issues in the cloud environment.

Keywords: Cloud Computing; Data Confidentiality; Security Issues; Cloud Storage;