Abstract: Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) to replied continuous accessibility of the wireless medium to communicate contributing the sensor nodes. Though, the open nature of this wireless medium leaves it exposed to multiple security threats or attacks. The encryption key protocols are required to securing data and communications. Symmetric key schemes are unworkable for mobile sensor nodes and therefore past methods have concentrated only on static WSNs. It is also not mountable and not strong compared to compromise nodes, and not capable to support node mobility. Hence symmetric key is apposite for dynamic WSNs. Extra in recent times; asymmetric key based methods must be present future for in dynamic WSNs. In this paper, a Certificate less Active Key Management (CL-AKM) protocol to supports key revocation in dynamic WSNs is proposed. The proposed scheme is secure communication in dynamic WSNs and categorised by node mobility. Key updated after a node movement of node leaves or node connections a cluster and key revocation for compromised nodes are supported by our proposed scheme and ensures go forward and backward key confidentiality. Our proposed scheme of security research is effective in a number of attacks. We implement and simulate the Certificate less Active Key Management (CL-AKM) protocol using NS2 simulator to assess its energy, delay and threshold.

Keywords: CL-AKM; Security; Key Management; AODV protocol; Node Mobility.