Abstract: Generally security problems deals with the hard AI problems related to security as emerging paradigm which has been unexplored. Captcha is a technology which presents security primitives for mathematical problems. Carp addresses the security problems which are based on the online attacks, attacks made as relay and surfing attacks. In CaRP password is only searched by best online guessing attacks which can be available in password sets. Captcha technology, which we can describe as Captcha which can be represented as graphical passwords. CaRP is defined as both Captcha and a password as a graphical scheme. CaRP also delivers the idea such as Pass Point, which often describes the weak passwords. CaRP is not a method but it offers reasonable security and usability thus appears to ?t well with some practical applications for improving the problems related to online security.

Keywords: Graphical Passwords, Hotspot, Captcha, Security Primitives.