Abstract: This paper represents carbon nanotube field effect transistors (CNTFETs) under ballistic condition with FETTOY Model based on the changes of gate oxide thickness and tube diameter, the performance has been observed as a function of dielectric constant of oxide material. Details observation of the combined ballistic effect on the basis of the performance of CNTFETs has been emphasized and the outcome of the device has been explored. Throughout the process, the effect of gate oxide material on the ON-state to OFF-state current ratio has been analyzed considering tube diameter and oxide thickness as constants and it is observed that after a certain value of the dielectric constant of oxide material the current ratio remains unchanged. Gate oxide thickness and tube diameter has also been varied to determine their effect on the ON-state to OFF-state current ratio which also indicates a range of diameter and oxide thickness to maintain unchanged current ratio.

Keywords: Current ratio, Gate oxide, Tube diameter, Dielectric constant, Gate control parameter.