Abstract: WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) is widely employed in various fields because of its terrific performance, such as in the public health service, agricultural technology and environment monitoring. Due to the complex requirement of environment monitoring and the restricted energy of each node, reducing power consumption and reliable transmission are vital issues in the research areas of wireless senor network. The field of wireless networking technology is emerges from the integration of personal and private computing, cellular technology, and the Internet. This is due increase interactions between communication and information data computing, which is changing information access from "anywhere, anytime" into” everyplace, all the time". With the accumulated demand and application of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) to military and civilian fields, data security in the network has become a critical issue. The serious resource constraints of sensor nodes and all so the broadcasting nature of the wireless links as well as difficulties in the deployment environments of wireless sensor networks cause challenges for the quality and security of data transmission for these wireless networks. In order to ensure data security and quality of service required by an application in energy efficient and power saving way, we are proposing a new mechanism for QoS routing with coding and selective encryption scheme for WSNs. Our approach provides secure and reliable data transmission and can also adapt to the varied resource constraints of WSNs. The original message is splits into packets and they are coded and selectively encrypted before being transmitted along completely different disjoint paths.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), Quality of Service (QoS), Energy Efficient WSN, coding.