Abstract: Recently, all over the world, the number of crime over children is increasing day by day. Student tracking is important to enhance security for children .In present time parents are worried about their children due to mishaps and missing of children .In case of child mishap school authorities penalized heavily so. At present time there is increases a number of child kidnapping and road accident cases .so for reduces this problems monitoring is necessary. Monitoring school buses and students has become an important issue due to the decision of whether it would be quicker to wait for the arrival of school bus or to hire a rickshaw as the bus is late to reach school. This paper focuses on children monitoring system, when child enters/exits from the bus. For implementing children monitoring system we use two technologies RFID (Radio frequency identification) and GSM (Global system for mobile communication). RFID technology locates the child position GSM will pass information about child to his or her parents. Children who travel to and from school by themselves without monitor by their parents are exposed to danger. This paper focuses on implementing children tracking system for every child attending school. The system consists of main units a bus unit. The bus unit system is used to detect when a child enters/exits from the bus. Childs information at entry/exit level will be recorded automatically when they pass by the scanner. At the same time parents will automatically receive the SMS from the system that inform their children enter/exits from bus. Also information of students will be displayed on LCD display. This system will benefit to parents, school children’s and school administrator. This system will be also promising to enhance the safety of child during daily transportation.

Keywords: RFID, System integration, Transportation Safety, Monitoring, GSM.