Abstract: Data warehousing is a collection of data from multiple, very large, distributed, heterogeneous databases and other information sources. This information is stored in autonomous and distributed systems .Quick response time and accuracy are the vital things for the database to be successful. In distributed databases query response time is the basic need. Performance of query can be improved by different approaches like hybrid integration system where most recent data is stored at mediator i.e. common access point to distributed system ,optimization of query, use of proper data structure, reduce complexity of query etc. leaving all alternatives, we are planning to use materialized view approach. Materialized view is used to store the result of queries. We are going to store the result of queries based on the frequency of queries fired by the user. The queries having high frequencies i.e, based on the user demandable queries materialized view is designed. This will save the time of revisiting the base table whenever any query is fired frequently and also saves the time of cost of operations like join, aggregations etc.

Keywords: Materialized view, Query Response, Access Frequency, data warehousing.