Abstract: With the advancement in cyber area, frequent use of internet and technologies leads to cyber attacks. Digital forensic is opted for acquiring electronic information and investigation of malicious evidence found in system or on network in such a manner that makes it admissible in court. It is also used to recover lost information in a system. The recovered information is used to prosecute a criminal. Number of crimes committed against an internet and malware attacks over the digital devices have increased. Memory analysis has become a critical capability in digital forensics because it provides insight into the system state that should not be represented by traditional media analysis. In this paper, we study the details of cyber forensics and also provide the vital information regarding distinctive tools operate in digital forensic process. It includes forensic analysis of encrypted drives, disk analysis, analysis toolkit, volatile memory analysis, captures and analyzes packets on network.

Keywords: Cyber Forensic, Volafox, Votality, Dff.