Abstract: Home cloud network is a system that uses mobile devices to upload or download files and features automatically through internet from anywhere around the home, sometime a home cloud network is called a smart home. This network uses a merging of a mobile phone application and computer based program to provide the user interface to the consumer. The home cloud system differs from other system by allowing the user to operate the system from anywhere around the world through internet connection. In a Home Cloud network we developed Home cloud network that employs the integration of cloud network, touch screen mobile devices, wireless communication, power line communication to provide the user to upload and download within their home. This system uses a consolidation of a mobile phone application, raspberry-pi hardware and PC based program to provide a means of user interface to the consumer. This system is designed to be low cost and expandable. We propose a system in which we can share all images within that cloud network. Suppose user took a picture and store on cloud then other android user can see that images.

Keywords: Home cloud, cloud computing, raspberry-pi.