Abstract: Election is a process of establishing a democracy in the country. This process should be ensured to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the vote casted and the authentication before citizens of particular country casts their votes [1]. It is very important to provide security to voting system. In this paper we provide security to voting system with secure user authentication[7] by providing biometric fingerprint to voter. In this system user has to enroll his/her finger print for voter ID card[1]. Finger print scanner will create image for that finger print. Share construction algorithm will be used to construct two shares of finger print image. One share[6] will be stored in database and another share will be stored in voter's ID card[1] (VIC). Here database & voter's ID card don't contain actual image of fingerprint. Unless and until both shares are available, original fingerprint image[6] cannot be reconstructed. Fresh and reconstructed fingerprint image are compared. If they match then voter is authentic as he/she claimed. As voter is authentic so he/she will cast the vote. After casting homomorphic encryption[2] is applied and results get counted. It makes election procedure to be secure against a variety of fraudulent behaviors.

Keywords: Authentication, Homomorphic encryption, Secret Sharing scheme, Visual Cryptography.