Abstract: Localization is one of the most important applications for wireless sensor networks since the locations of the sensor nodes are critical to both network operations and most application level tasks. WSNs consist of tiny sensor nodes that can be easily embedded in the environment, establish a wireless ad-hoc network, and compose a distributed system to collaboratively sense physical phenomena and process sensed data, or to react to the environment based on the sensed data. To address these requirements, we need to study the fundamental issue of reprogramming and software reconfiguration in WSNs. In this work, it proposes mobility based dynamic reconfiguration system in WSN. By providing access for the user to construct different virtual fields, proposed protocol will accomplish the goal of meeting the need of different applications and different network conditions. In this work, it will take scenario for environmental monitoring and data collection. The proposed mechanism will be implemented with MATLAB.

Keywords: WSN System, Dynamic Reconfiguration System, Localization, Mobility Management etc.