Abstract: Cloud storage units are becoming more and more popular these days and hence they require the mechanism to down their utilization cost and provide more efficiency and security to client’s data. Deduplication is the technology which stores only a single copy of echoing data and so it reduces the required storage space. In order to provide confidentiality to the client’s data and at the same time acquiring data deduplication, so we provide a technique called as convergent encryption. In this data is encrypted before outsourcing. To provide better data security this first talks the problem of authorized data deduplication, in this we further enhance this with sharing the files among the users on the basis of privileges. Secondly, this gives right to the user to revise the content of its data and share it with other users with keeping the integrity of data intact. Also we have presented several security schemes with data deduplication construction in a hybrid cloud model. The proposed method shows that the users are able to share the data and revise the data, in cloud and with efficiency and security. Our performance measures show that the proposed system gives more security in terms of insider and outsider attacks.

Keywords: authorized data deduplication, encryption, data revision, hybrid cloud, user privileges.