Abstract: Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) has revolutionized the way in which mobile endorsers across the globe leverage services on the go. MCC integrates cloud computing into the mobile environment and get over the obstacles related to performance (e.g. battery life, storage, and bandwidth), environment (e.g. heterogeneity, scalability, availability) and security (e.g. reliability and privacy).It is an answer to intensive processing and storage demand of real-time and high end applications. The capabilities of mobile devices have been amending very quickly in terms of computing power, storage, feature support, and developed applications. Even these mobile applications are still intrinsically limited by a relative lack of bandwidth, computing power, and energy compared to their connected counterparts. In this paper we systematically explore the privacy and security issues and launch a cryptography based model for handling multiple request from multiple devices for Mobile Cloud Computing. Our approach helps to authenticate communication between customers and service providers using encryption, decryption and message digests.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC), Authentication Server (SS), Authentication, Encryption, Decryption, Message Digest.