Abstract: Digital video compression techniques have contributed a vital role in the world of telecommunication and multimedia sector where bandwidth is still a valued product to be considered. A big amount of multimedia data to maintain in limited storage space, it needed to be compressed, but during the compression any data loss should not be occurred. Hence, video compression techniques focused on prime importance for reducing the volume of information required for picture sequences/streaming pictures without losing much of its quality. Thus, in order to provide an efficient compression method for multimedia data, Luminance Masking technique was proposed. The proposed method has been integrated into the HEVC reference model for the HEVC Range Extensions and its performance was evaluated by measuring the bitrate reduction against the HEVC Range Extensions. Also, comparison of wavelet compression method with this technique on various parameters has been opted for analysis towards getting improvements and other advancements. Here, Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) embedded to achieve the compression for image and then it extended further to series of images which is nothing but a video.

Keywords: HDR, HEVC, wavelet compression technique, DWT.