Abstract: MANET is consisting of wireless mobile nodes without having any central administration or infrastructure less topology. The Flooding algorithm is simple but it is not efficient and which results in redundant message transmission. The simple flooding algorithm causes high packet collisions and network conjunctions that may degrade the network performance. Flooding must be handled efficiently in order to improve protocol performance. By using the position of node the protocol can reduce the number of retransmissions, which can help to enhance the protocol performance. Here, the enhanced Flooding Algorithm is used that uses the node position to send the packets. This method is applied On Demand Distance Vector (AODV) protocol which reduces the number of Route Request (RREQ) messages. The RREQ message transmission has been improved by using N hop knowledge and concept of distance based method. The simulator output shows that our algorithm reduces the packet overhead and which improves network throughput.

Keywords: distance based scheme, RREQ message, N hop knowledge, enhanced Flooding.