Abstract: Now-a-days many schools and colleges have different methods of cleaning writing boards, but these methods are injured to many staff and students like skin allergy ,skin cancer, dust allergy etc.,. The design and usage of a remote control to motorized the white board cleaner. These researches consist of four modules the remote control and transmitter module, the receiver module, pulse generator/ control module and the cleaner module. The operation of the system is centred on PICDEM MC LV microcontroller. This microcontroller helps the cleaner to clean the board within the range of 20 meter when the remote is pressed. The remote control unit is used to control the speed and direction of the cleaner. The system is more efficient and flexible. . By using PIC microcontroller electric lighting is controlled and energy can be consumed. By introducing new lighting technologies, decrease the amount of electricity consumed and energy costs in the class rooms. When somebody enters into the room the light in the room will be switched ON. The light will be only switched OFF until all the Persons in the room go out. The microcontroller does the above job. The microcontroller senses the IR rays falling on the receivers to detect the obstacles.

Keywords: Microcontroller, LDR Sensor, PIR Sensor, D.C. Motor, Dimmer.